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Registration Steps for 2023-2024

1. Come in to meet us!  Get a tour and make sure it's a great fit for your child.  Contact Mrs. Wallace to set up a time. or at 773-734-1386

2. Register online  Pay the registration fee by contacting the main office, 773-734-1386.

3a. Apply for financial aid/scholarship through FACTS (if needed).

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3b. (Same website/login as 3a)

Create your tuition payment plan through FACTS (same site as #4).  After entering your financial information for aid, you can click on HOME at the top, PAYMENT PLAN & BILLING.

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All new students will need to submit 

  • Birth certificate

  • Health/Immunization records (All New Students- ECC, KDG & 6th for returning students) **Students must meet state requirements regarding immunization policies before and during their time of attendance at St. Ailbe.

  • Vision (All New Students KDG-8th and Returning KDG students)

  • Dental (All New Students - KDG, 2nd & 6th for returning students)

  • Current Report Card (must reflect all previous quarters at the time of enrollment)

  • Current Standardized Test Scores (grade appropriate)

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